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Alaskan Troll Caught King Salmon Fresh
There is a fresh Alaskan Troll King Salmon season open all winter, however the catch can be very  limited. Please call for daily availability.

Washington Fresh Chinook (King)
out of season

out of season


out of season


out of season .

YES--  Limited Availability - Call


AK Troll Caught King FAS*

$18.99 lb.

$26.99 lb.

$25.99 lb.



Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (Red) Fresh          

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (previously frozen) 

out of season


out of season

out of season

out of season


 Coho (Silver) Salmon FAS*

$10.99 lb.

$14.99 lb.

$13.99 lb.

YES-Available Washington


Washington Keta (Chum) Salmon Fresh (out of season)

$3.99 lb.

$5.99 lb.


Local Washington in season now-call for daily availability


Washington Keta (Chum) Salmon  Frozen

$3.99 lb.

$5.99 lb.

$4.99 lb.









As all of our seafood comes in Fresh daily, all salmon and pricing  is subject to availability

*FAS = Frozen at Sea

Whole fish purchases filleted (cut) to your specifications at no additional charge